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The Greater Good

Hello and welcome. I believe – for all that we are wrestling with the extraordinary challenges of Covid-19 – that the time has never been more ripe for women, racialized people and others who have traditionally been marginalized in the world of entrepreneurship, to step forward with their ideas for making the world a better place. Our voices and experiences have been missing, and are now desperately needed in order to create a green, socially just economic recovery.  

The Greater Good is essentially a manifesto of encouragement, with particular emphasis on working with our personal histories, not just as sources for understanding our gifts, but also as potent tools for building compelling stories and sustainable enterprises. 

Tapping my 27-year career as a groundbreaking natural menstrual health innovator (co-founder of Aisle – previously known as Lunapads) I present an inspiring look at the inner journey behind creating businesses and initiatives that make a difference. In addition to sharing frank insights, I highlight the journeys of many of my peers, and in so doing surface an emerging movement of people who are redefining who entrepreneurs are as well as the purpose that drives their ventures. 

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I also invite you to explore the organizations that I have founded and co-founded:

  • Aisle: (Formerly Lunapads) Reusable period products for every body
  • G Day: Community-based rite of passage celebrations for self-identified girls
  • Nestworks: A family-friendly shared workspace under development


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